We supply you with talent, so you can grow your business.

The Era of Disruption

We are living in exciting times – so many startups and companies are obsessed with innovation and determined to disrupt their industries, so we joined the revolution in response of years of frustration with the recruiting industry. The solutions out there can be expensive and DIY recruiting is extremely time consuming.

We understand the importance of getting the right talent, hell, we are a startup. We want them to fit and have passion in what they do.

Super Powers

So why Joblizz?

We are a talent-driven career marketplace. We care for our talent community making sure they have a rewarding experience when applying to jobs. For starters candidates apply for any job in under 60 seconds and always get feedback.

Behind the scenes we are a small group of technologists with no office, no piles of paper, no rent, no extra costs, no waste, we´re technically a 100% green startup. We have an awesome set of tools making this kind of work possible for our talent hackers. Our team work and live where they want and can manage their work/life balance. When they are happier they are more productive – we care about the work they produce not the hours they put it. No office politics! No B.S. This provides us the ability to compensate better and plan awesome team building events.