Frequently Asked Questions



What is Joblizz

We are a talent-driven career marketplace, we attract, engage and evaluate the right talent for your company.

What can Joblizz do for us?

We bring a broad range of expertise to the table. We have very creative talent hackers, tech professionals with extensive experience in their industries who work closely together. Making sure we approach, engage and evaluate talent in the right way.

Is joblizz a recruiting agency?

Nope! We are a startup with no office trying to disrupt the recruiting industry. No high fees, happy employees and deliver quality work..

How long will the job be live?

We will display it for 60 days, but we strive to make that shorter!

Is there a monthly fee?

No all fees are for 1 vacancy where we will be sourcing for. In case you need a list of vacancies to be filled, please contact our sales team and strike a deal.

Will I get an invoice for my order?

Pending on which payment method you use you will receive an invoice. In case you won’t, please contact our support and we will send you the invoice asap.

What do you need from us?

A very detailed job descriptions. Share the perks, tell us your awesome factor, give as much details as possible to our team. In case we need more information we will be chasing you.

What is Joblizz?

We are a talent-driven career marketplace! We want you to find your next adventure.

Wy Joblizz?

We have been in your shoes. We have had the same frustrations and we are trying to eliminate them.

  • Making it super easy to apply.
  • And by always supplying feedback.

Was my application rejected?

We can’t give you an exact answer as Joblizz is not involved in employers “hiring decisions”. There are many possible reasons for your application being rejected:

  • There’s a lot of competition for jobs right now.
  • Your skills and work experience may not have been exactly what the employer was looking for.

Can I receive job alerts?

Yes you can! Once created your account you should see “My Alerts Page” where you can set your parameters.

I do not want my current employer to see my profile?

Go to your Candidate Dashboard and set your profile to hide. You still can apply for jobs!

*If we did not cover any important FAQ feel free to contact us and we will get back to you asap.