Candidate Experience

We care a whole lot about Candidate Experience. Our job is to attract top talent and making their experience hassle free and rewarding by:

  • Full transparency of job and company.
  • Ease of application process (aprox. 1 min).
  • Within two days we reach out to the candidate.
  • If they get through the first phase we keep them informed all the way. (Yes, we will chase you).

A study showed that 75% of applicants did not receive any kind of feedback. While many of them invest time in updating their resume and investigating the company, they deserve some feedback. We at Joblizz want to maintain your reputation or improve it.

Employer Experience

We are not your conventional agency, we like to attract and act fast to keep our candidates engaged and to make sure they don’t escape to the competition.

  • We are transparant, candidates apply to your company not only the “vacancy”.
  • No placement or hourly fees.
  • We maintain your employer brand if not enhance it.
  • We use some very cool tools making us stand out.

Finding talent and building a team is hard. Outsourcing your recruitment process is a good option so that you and your team can focus on growing and we will focus on finding your next hire. Let our tools and talent disrupt and let´s start to innovate your recruitment process.

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